Sermon Series

Sundays, August 4 - September 22

Sundays, August 4 - September 22

Life 101

It's time to head back to school! No matter your stage of life, it's never too late to learn - and the wisest among us are always learning.


Some of Jesus' greatest knowledge for life comes from his mountain-side teaching points in Matthew 5:3-11 we commonly call "The Beatitudes." Many of his lessons are blunt and may make us uncomfortable; but if they are applied, will help us succeed in life - the most important thing we will ever manage.


The syllabus for our eight-week course for LIFE includes lessons on

Reality, Hope, Humility, Transformation, Relationships, Heart Health, Reconciliation, and Opposition.

Life will test you – Be Ready!

Sunday, August 4

The Reality Choice 

“It depends on…” The first beatitude is the reality choice. Facing up to the fact that I need help. Without God my life is unmanageable. I acknowledge that I can’t control and manage everything in my life, and I need God’s help. He is ready to give it to me.

Sunday, August 11

The Hope Choice

"God blesses the broken road” The hope choice is when, despite my hurts and sorrows, I choose to earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to him, that he will heal my brokenness.

Sunday, August 18

The Humility Choice

“Gentle on my mind” The Humility Choice is critical because every other choice depends on the depth and sincerity of this one. It means that I humbly surrender to God and covenant to live gently with people.

Sunday, August 25

The Transformation Choice

“Stay Hungry” I voluntarily submit to every change God wants to make in my life and humbly ask him to remove my character defects. I am hungry for the changes that God knows will replace my hurts, habits, and hang-ups with a healthy life. 

Sunday, September 1

The Relationship Choice

“Have Mercy!” I must evaluate all of my relationships, offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me, ask forgiveness and make restitution for harm that I have done to others. 

Sunday, September 8

The Housecleaning Choice

“Wholehearted” Jesus said in Matthew 5:8, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” Being pure in heart means getting what’s on the inside of me on the outside of me. It means I am whole-hearted; I have integrity, I am what I appear to be.

Sunday, September 15

The Reconciliation Choice

“Make peace not war” God loves peacemakers! In fact, Jesus said that the proof to the world that you are a child of God is that you are a reconciler, a person who works and loves diligently for peace. You face conflict every day, but you can reconcile and bring peace. 

Sunday, September 22

The Opposition Choice

“Pressed and stressed” Following Jesus has always been challenging. Jesus was persecuted, and so will we be. But Jesus will be with us, we don’t retaliate. Persecution will deepen our faith and strengthen our witness.