Freedom in Christ

Living Free & Fruitful in Christ

Jesus told us to make disciples, not just converts. God’s design is for His people to be “free and fruitful” followers empowered to make more disciples. This is God’s plan for every believer, in every church, in every nation – for all time.

Cornerstone Church counsels with individuals who feel stuck in their growth and maturity in Christ. We are not professional licensed counselors, but brothers and sisters in Christ who have been trained and have a deep desire to see every believer grow into a mature disciple of Christ. We not only believe, but have seen and experienced, the Freedom in Christ Ministry set captives free from the bondage of their pasts.

Common Questions

Why is freedom in Christ important for every believer?

Our salvation in Christ is just the beginning of our discipleship journey to maturity. Sadly, many of God’s people are stuck in wrong thinking, feeling and doing; so they can’t grow up spiritually or be fruitful. There is a missing ingredient, a bridge, between our salvation in Christ and our maturity in Christ - that bridge is discipleship which includes our freedom in Christ.

Since Christ already died for our freedom, how can a Christian not be free?

Every Christian is deeply loved by God, but not all experience that love. Likewise, every believer in Christ has been set free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:1–2), but not all are experiencing that freedom. We must stand firm and not allow ourselves to be enslaved again (Galatians 5:1).

Is freedom in Christ only for struggling Christians?

Absolutely not. Every believer needs to know his or her new identity, position, authority, and freedom in Christ. We all battle the traps of the world, sinful tendencies of the flesh and temptations, tricks, and taunts of the devil. Freedom in Christ is a discipleship ministry for the whole church so that all may walk intimately with Christ as His free and fruitful followers.

You will find helpful information on the Freedom in Christ website.

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The first step in this ministry is to connect with someone on the Freedom in Christ team to answer questions you might have and explain the process to you before making an appointment.

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