ClearBlue Campaign

The Month of June

Clear Blue Global Water Project began through Cornerstone Church the first Sunday of June in 2006. We thought it was a simple sermon and challenge to us, but our passion spread by word of mouth and by June of 2007, we were an official non-profit. Since that time, we have found partners all over the United States and Canada, and we have completed nearly 500 projects in 24 different countries, raising over $1.5 million dollars to supply desperately needed clean water around the world. We celebrate this day, and the life-change it represents, every year. And every year we invite you to be part of a new water project in a needy location. 

This year we hope to raise $1,800 in our Cornerstone Clear Blue Campaign so we can continue bringing life and hope to The Jasmine Project, the beautiful Thai people, and help them come to know Jesus. Between now and June 28, will you come together to meet our goal of $1,800 raised above and beyond our regular tithes and giving?

Donations can be made online or by mail to Cornerstone’s secure P.O. Box 26517 Akron, OH 44319. Please be sure to clearly identify your gift is for Clear Blue. Thank you!

Water is life.